Craziest Summer Ever

28 Sep

Considering I didn’t do anything…outlandish over the summer, it hasn’t half been mental.

It started with doing my resit exams in May, getting the results in June and finding out that I’d passed one (yay!) but failed the other (boo!). I then resat it (again, and for the last time) the day before I went on holiday to spend two weeks in Florida. Half way through the holiday I found out that I’d passed my exam (yay!) and I could finally relax.

I spent the next 12 weeks, working occasionally, spending time with my boyfriend, making banners, knitting and just generally relaxing – properly – for the first time in 3 years. I went on a three day trip to London, saw Phantom of the Opera and met up with lots of wonderful fandom friends!

Then, on the Tuesday after I came back from London, my boyfriend, Rob, who I’d been with for just over five years, proposed!

I couldn’t have been happier, seriously. I couldn’t stop smiling, I cried when he asked me, I was just insanely happy.

However, the following day, a man who had always been like an Uncle to me (my mum’s cousins husband), killed himself. All of a sudden everything happy was gone. I couldn’t stop thinking about his daughter, my age, who had found him, about his wife who was left behind. I wanted to be happy, I should have been happy, and yet I couldn’t be. I felt bad about being happy.

The funeral came and went, life moved on.

Then the night came when my family had to meet Rob’s family for the first time, properly. For a sit down meal. It went splendidly  

However, that same night Rob’s great-nana died.

The funeral was the day we were supposed to go away for a week in Somerset (a sort of engagement honeymoon, if you will). We went, but the drive was fraught for Rob.

But now I’m back at University, where life is attempting to get back to normal.

But Christ’s sake, it’s been one hell of a summer.


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