Banner Hiatus

24 Apr

So it’s that time of year again – exam time *boooo* I’m currently spending all my waking hours – when not at the gym – revising (except for now when I’m writing this blog post). Also, why is it that when you have much more important things to be doing, suddenly everything else – and I do mean everything – is like a bajillion times more interesting than whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing?


I’m no longer taking banner requests. I’ve had some emails and some messages, so I thought I’d but it out here. My life is stressful enough without thinking about making something that other people would like, plus it’s too much of a distraction for me to spend hours and hours of unnecessary time on a banner (that would usually take 30 mins – 1 hour) simply because I don’t want to revise anymore!

Come June, I’ll be back up and running. Until then, check out, they have some amazing banner makers.

Also, here’s some I made in the last 4 months.



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