Upcoming Projects

I have a couple of stories on the go, however, the one which shall most likely be posted first is my Phantom of the Opera/Love Never Dies one-shot. Set six months after the Opera Populaire burned to the ground, it is about choices, and what might have been had Christine managed to catch the phantom, in the dawn after that night ‘beneath a moonless sky’.

Probably the next thing to be posted (though who really knows) is Having Sex, with Bella Swan. It’s a multi-chapter story, and shall probably be a little longer than any I’ve written recently. Bella Swan is a porn-star, and she loves it. Edward Cullen is her best friend. It is a story about them coming together, through the odds, while an outside force threatens to tear everything apart. It is not your typical porn-star story, however, expect a lot of sex.

So, what with fanfiction actually enforcing their T&A’s I’ll probably be posting this story on TWCS. Watch this space :D

I have also been working on a Jasper/Bella multi-chapter story for about a year now. It has gone through several incarnations, and believe me, the one I’m on now shall require some heavy beta-work, but it’s looking up. I’m getting there. It involves a red-eye Jasper (because I love him) and a not so naive Bella.


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