Oh my!

1 Aug

My my, it’s been so long!!

I’ve been away, don’t you know. Went to Flo-ri-da, and it was all kinds of fantabulous. I lay in the sun and did shit all. Seriously, what could be better?

Lots and lots going on though, so I’m making a list:

  • There is now a new TwiFicPics site, and I have my own page (OMG) Here I am
  • Banner requests are once again open.
  • I have two new adoptable banners!

Comment if you’d like them

  • I have started posting Origins on The Maple Bookshelf. The site only has 38 authors out of 861 members, so I feel all special right now haha. Anyway, I’m going to start posting lots more of my fanfiction over there, and I imagine it’ll be the only place I post Having Sex, with Bella Swan.
  • Speaking of fanfiction! The next installment of my Phantom of the Opera fic is well underway. It’s coming guys, don’t worry. The next chapters of Having Sex, with Bella Swan and my Harry Potter fic have also been commenced. I’m crossing fingers for the autumn.
  • I’ve started writing something a little different too. It’s called Vicarious, and is based on the song of the same name by Tool. Now, whereas the song is about the media, and how humans thrive on other peoples pain, my story’s a little more…macarbe. Let’s just say it’s going to be a little gruesome :D.

Little Owl

28 Jun

I knit quite a bit, but I always seem to have like half a ball of wool left over once I make something, that I’m never going to use. It’s annoying and it takes up space.

But now! I’ve found the perfect solution!


They’re so cute and adorable. I’m thinking of making them into cat toys? Put a little bit of cat-nip in them.

Anyway, when I finally open my etsy shop, I imagine these are going to make up the majority of items lol.

Obliques or Muffintops | Blogilates

27 Jun

Obliques or Muffintops | Blogilates.

This woman is insane! but she’s brilliant! Her energy is catching and just so amazing!

I go to Florida in less than 2 weeks, and I’ve been fairly sedentary for the past month or so, revising for exams, but I’ve managed to go to the gym every day. But those pesky love-handles just won’t vanish! Well they will if I carry on doing this workout. Seriously, it’s amazing.

There wasn’t much more to say, except DO HER VIDEOS.

She’s amazing!

Beneath A Moonless Sky

21 Jun

I absolutely adore the Phantom of the Opera, and when I saw the sequel, Love Never Dies, I adored that too! Like many people who’ve seen the sequel, the song Beneath a Moonless Sky really got the juices flowing. And I just had to write it! My first thought being, what would happen if Christine had awoken before Erik left?

I’ve tried to keep them as in character as possible. Erik’s still aggressive, still a little crazy. But for me, Christine’s never been completely ‘all-there’ either.

Anyway, I hope you like it, please let me know what you think :)

Six months after the events at the Opera Populaire


New Photos

18 Jun

So last week I went out to Helmsley and Pickering, and using my Holga 120N (modified to take 35mm film) I took photos :D. I then came home, developed them and scanned them using my new negative scanner, it’s the first time I’ve used it and I think they came up rather well :).

Phantom of the Opera

17 Jun

I am in love with Phantom of the Opera, and this week I finally managed to see (on DVD mind) the sequel, Love Never Dies. It blew me away. I was a little skeptical, to be sure, felt maybe it was a little like flogging a dead horse, maybe it would ruin the whole thing. But I should have had more faith. It is, after all, Andrew Lloyd Webber we’re talking about here.

The music, the storyline, all fabulous. Add in Ben Lewis as Erik, and Anna O’Byrne as Christine and it was one stellar show. I must confess that I already know all of the words to most of the songs, and have both sung and danced rather drastically about my parent’s house. I’ll be honest, I don’t care lol.

Anyhow, all of this, and specifically, this song:

Have sparked a one-shot fanfiction, though frankly the whole thing may turn into a few chapters if I’m honest. But we shall see.

Here is a little snippet from said one-shot. I’m channeling my inner ALW, can you tell?

His hand covered hers in place of words, and she stepped close. Until she could feel his breath on her face, and he could hear her heart beating, faster and sharper as time wore on. A shaking hand wrapped about her corseted waist, gripping tight and serving to tug her closer to him. Desire thrummed in the air, as their eyes finally met in the gloom.”

It has also got the PS juices flowing, and I created these:

I shall be posting the one-shot both to my fanfiction account, and to this blog :). Though it’s still untitled! But I’m getting there :D.

More Banners :)

30 May

Any without an authors name is available for adoption, just let me know :)