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New Banner

12 Dec

Got another banner request :D



Summary: Bella joins a band, only expecting it to be just an extracurricular activity. What happens when Breaking Twilight is discovered and Bella, Edward, Jake, Jazz, and Emmett are thrust into the limelight? Will the fame go to their heads and break them apart, or will they be able to play it cool and always keep their feet on the ground?

Pretty proud of myself for this one, I like the way I’ve managed to make the characters stand out. Considering I haven’t been making many banners lately, I think I’m getting back into it :D


Oh my!

1 Aug

My my, it’s been so long!!

I’ve been away, don’t you know. Went to Flo-ri-da, and it was all kinds of fantabulous. I lay in the sun and did shit all. Seriously, what could be better?

Lots and lots going on though, so I’m making a list:

  • There is now a new TwiFicPics site, and I have my own page (OMG) Here I am
  • Banner requests are once again open.
  • I have two new adoptable banners!

Comment if you’d like them

  • I have started posting Origins on The Maple Bookshelf. The site only has 38 authors out of 861 members, so I feel all special right now haha. Anyway, I’m going to start posting lots more of my fanfiction over there, and I imagine it’ll be the only place I post Having Sex, with Bella Swan.
  • Speaking of fanfiction! The next installment of my Phantom of the Opera fic is well underway. It’s coming guys, don’t worry. The next chapters of Having Sex, with Bella Swan and my Harry Potter fic have also been commenced. I’m crossing fingers for the autumn.
  • I’ve started writing something a little different too. It’s called Vicarious, and is based on the song of the same name by Tool. Now, whereas the song is about the media, and how humans thrive on other peoples pain, my story’s a little more…macarbe. Let’s just say it’s going to be a little gruesome :D.